Exalted: Northern Skies

Session 2: GM Notes

The Stormspire Citadel

Part 1: The party will have had mysterious dreams (Interlude 01 on Wiki).

Volla Verne and her crew receive a summons to speak to Wind Admiral Twenty-One Kestrels, commander of the Haslanti Wind Fleet, at a remote teahouse. The missive indicates that the summons is urgent and expected to be immediate.

When the party goes to board The Storm Light, Hoshi is waiting on the dock.

“Sitting before you is what can only be best described as a dirty vagrant. He is lazily smoking a pipe and is sitting atop a haphazard pile of traveling chests and bags, which could be his luggage, but it more probably the entirety of everything he owns.

You think if he cleaned up he could possibly be extremely attractive (Appearance 4) but his long hair is wild and uncombed and knotted with small trinkets that look to be from all parts of the world – but upon second glance you aren’t sure if this is intentional decoration, because there is a fishhook or two caught in there as well. His unruly bangs obscure much of his face, though you can see one eye is covered by a battered leather eyepatch. He wears colorful silken robes, though they look patched, unwashed, and fraying around the edges.

The tanned flesh of his chest and arms that are visible are tattooed with words written in Old Realm. He holds an umbrella that has tattered prayer strips hanging from it, and the underside is painted to look like a starry night sky with 5 specific constellations (The Captain, The Gull, The Mast, The Messenger, The Ships Wheel.) There is an angry looking rabbit in his lap (Usagi)."

Hoshi claims he is the best Navigator in the North and he will ask to join the crew.

Though at first he is severely questioned, he is allowed on board the ship to prove himself.

Part 2: When arriving at the teahouse the party will be greeted by Twenty One Kestral and one of the Grandmothers. Grey Whisper seems to acknowledge and know her.

Kestral questions the party and their motivations and determine if they are willing to serve the Haslanti League.

She questions them about Gyrfalcon, asking if they are in league with him. The party denies any association.

She then dismisses the party, saying she will need time to prepare a mission best suited to their unique abilities (giving them leave to go to the map coordinates).

Part 3:
Darius is the only one not to remember Hoshi. The others all make the rolls. The others suspect maybe it’s because he didn’t seem to trust Hoshi and he’s either pretending or had been drinking too much.

Hoshi will advise that the map coordinates lead to the middle of nowhere. Volla commands him to chart the course there anyways. Somei advises there may be a storm awaiting.

After several days travel, closer and closer to the Wyld, if the group follows the coordinates they will arrive at the Stormspire without any incidents or storms.

“When the Storm Light lifts up through the clouds, at first there is nothing to be seen but the blue and white expanse of empty sky. Then, suddenly, the air begins to shimmer and ripple like a mirage and a massive floating Citadel comes into view right in front of the ship. Vents from its underside extend and open as they begin to hiss and pump out giant, billowing clouds of steam.

It seems constructed of a hundred intricate archways and spiraling towers, but toward its middle, though it is crumbling and ancient, is a very obvious airship dock leading to a large metal door."

Inside the party will encounter a long, dark hall with decaying paintings. A candle will gutter to life and SIGERETH the Guardian will appear and speak to them address them by their first age incarnation names and ask if they have come to play. She will be very upset when she discovers “Master” is not there.

Sigereth greets everyone with the following:

Volla – “How good to see you’re not keeping your Lunar on a leash anymore.”
Somei and Neve – “Ah, Davros, how good to see you are back together with your wife.”
Darius – “Are you no longer fighting with the Master?”

She asks “Davros” to fix the labyrinth mechanism before they can begin.

Activating the Labyrinth-
The labyrinth is part of the puzzle that protects the manse, and it has been broken, maintained since the First Age. It will have to be reactivated in the lower control room. The passageway is in the basement chambers of the manse and riddled with People of the Air. Tharion is the god-blooded leader and there will be 20~of them. Tharion advises there is also a device that allows his people to survive and it is failing, and they worry tampering around will break it. Somei offers to fix it. As he is working on it, Neve notices a place on the wall for two overlapping hands to be placed. She and Somei place thier hands together and it reactives the device in the room to full function. The People of the Air then regard Somei as thier savior.

The next room is the control room for the labyrinth, Somei easily pulls the lever and reactivates the labyrinth, which causes the whole manse to shift and reorganize itself internally.

The party goes back up into the main hall, Sigereth advises they must now defeat the labyrinth.

The Theatre of Crimson Delights -
Two fey sisters are within this grand theatre room, blowing bubbles. They offer to show the way out if the party will become part of their play. They will attempt to dress Volla Verne, “the prettiest” up as a princess. The party agrees and begins to put on a play. Neve is the “monster” and reveals her Beastman form. The Sidereal, “Forever’s Promise” attacks. Darius easily defeats him. Somei however will not let anyone kill the Sidereal, and decides to carry him through the remainder of the journey. Darius demands a kiss as being the hero of the “Play”. Volla obtains Resonance.

Tier 3 – The Chambers of Memory
There are memory orbs with the names of the Circlemates which stores their favorite or most important memories.

1.Davros – His wedding day with Zastruga.
2.Relentless Tempest – Being named General of the Sky Cities.
3.Three Virtues in Darkness – Glory in Mercy watching the sunrise. She notices him watching her and smiles, and turns to extend her hand towards him, saying his name.
4. Zastruga – Memory of sealing an alliance with Queen Tenrae of Ondar Shambal (Whitewall). Promising an unbreakable oath.
5. Blood Promise – Killing Three Virtues in Darkness and promising “things will be different next time”.

The Gateway -
The party enters a giant Gateway board and must find the pathway. There are 4 pieces – one moonsilver, one orichalchum, and two brass. As they move across the two brass pieces merge and attack them. The Sidereal warns Somei who the monster is going to attack next.

The party they enters a hallway with a locked door at the end.

Side room: War room – there is a map to Ondar Shambal and a treaty written and signed by Zestruga and Red Sky at Night on the table. The oath will be detailed to say the Circle will always be welcome within its gates.

Side room: Meeting room – holographic image of Davros warning the others that “he” is mad, and he thinks he killed “her”. Relentless Tempest and Red Sky at Night are unsure and tell him that he wouldn’t kill a Circlemate. There is a key in one of the drawers.

The Master’s Study -
“When you open the door you behold a decadently furnished study in the colors of crimson and gold. Detailed maps of sky cities and wonders across Creation line the walls and there are countless crumbling statues and navigational devices on tables and scattered across the floor. It appears as if someone had gone into a mad rage in this room, with sword gashes marring the walls and fine vases smashed in the corners of the room. On a desk in the corner of the room is a journal with the quilled ink pen stuck into its pages like a dagger.The party finds the journal prop.

There is a door on one end of the study with a knocker that asks for the password.

Password: Relentless Tempest

Tier 5 – The Storm Sphere
The study opens to a room with a massive domed skylight. In the center of the room is a golden statue of Red Sky at Night. There is a gaping hole in his chest, and he is sitting with his eyes closed and and holding a red gem (hearthstone) the side of his fist – as if it were his heart, and he he had ripped it out of himself and were holding it out in offering. Projected from it on the ceiling is an image of everything in the airspace within 100 yards of the Citadel. It can easily be taken and attuned to the ship.

The party sees something that looks like a Fey War Whale approaching and return to the ship. The sign of MERCURY is on the ship, like a ward. Forever’s Promise is imprisoned below deck. Hoshi is confronted and he reluctantly gives a basic explanation as to what Sidereals are, and that the party has attracted a lot of attention from “others” so he is there to try to watch over them.

The party heads back to Icehome.



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