Vagrant Navigator


Sidereal: Chosen of Journeys
Concept: Navigator
Faction: Gold
Motivation: Guide the paths of those his past incarnation murdered during the Usurpation to grant them a new beginning.
Familair: Usagi
Essence 4


You think if he cleaned up he could possibly be extremely attractive (Appearance 4) but his long hair is wild and uncombed and knotted with small trinkets that look to be from all parts of the world – but upon second glance you aren’t sure if this is intentional decoration, because there is a fishhook or two caught in there as well. His unruly bangs obscure much of his face, though you can see one eye is covered by a battered leather eyepatch. He wears colorful silken robes, though they look patched, unwashed, and fraying around the edges.

The tanned flesh of his chest and arms that are visible are tattooed with words written in Old Realm (roll can be made to read it). He holds an umbrella that has tattered prayer strips hanging from it, and the underside is painted to look like a starry night sky with 5 specific constellations (The Captain, The Gull, The Mast, The Messenger, The Ships Wheel.)

He has an angry looking rabbit with him it all time, named Usagi. Usagi is the god of Cheese for Breakfast.



Exalted: Northern Skies Jehzavere