Series: First Age Incarnations
1. The Engineer- Davros, The Augmenticist (Saffuran Somei)
2. Tempest and Sky – Relentless Tempest (Darius Wintersun)
3. Miscalculations – Zastruga the Bitter Wind (Neve, Falcon of the Glacial Weald)
4. Chains that Bind – Three Virtues in Darkness (Volla Verne, The Thermal Vagary)

Series: Interlude Dreams
1. Interlude 01

Bonus Background Stories and Scenes:
1. Auspicious Endings (Forever’s Promise)
2. Auspicious Beginnings (Hoshi)
3. Erosion (First Age Circle)
4. The Dissonant Ballad of Green and Black (Six & Harlequin)
5. Meanwhile, in Whitewall

Player Fiction:
By Volla Verne, The Thermal Vagary
1. The Grey Whisper
2. Repeat

By Saffuran Somei
1. Growing Pains
2. Technicalities
3. Perspective
4. Nightmares
5. Reason and Order

By Darius Wintersun
1. The Swarm
2. Waving Hands
3. Morning

By Neve, Falcon of the Glacial Weald
1. Beginnings


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