Reason and Order

Why had it chosen him?

Somei tried not to focus on the lingering memories, as he fiddled with final adjustments on his creation. Tiny movements of his micro-adjuster, altering the positioning of harmonization rods by micrometers, plucked at his attention, but he found his mind occupied with thoughts of the horrific event, the moment that thundering beast had crashed down on the deck of the ship, and its malevolent gaze had turned to him.

Did it sense weakness? Did it strike for the weakest link in the chain?

Carefully, Somei fitted the over-casing onto the orichalcum framework, feeling it slide into its housing grooves with a satisfying click. He let his Essence flow into the device, attuning its cold metal to the living flows of his own organic nature, felt an awareness of it like an extra sense grow in his perceptions.

Or perhaps there was no reason at all.

Some men, he reflected, might seek some manner of meaning in the midst of the tragedy, some sense of purpose or plan, perhaps from the gods. Somei knew better. The gods had no plan. There was no divine design driving Creation. Anarchy and chaos ruled, and no matter the injustice, sometimes bad things happened for no real reason at all.

He lifted his hand and flexed the gleaming golden fingers of his new arm, watching the rainbow fractures of light bouncing off the shining, boxy lines of the artifact.

The world needs order.

The world needs MY order.

Reason and Order

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