The Dissonant Ballad of Green and Black

Two Exalts went to Creation, looking for some souls to steal. They were in a bind because they were both way behind and were looking to make a deal.

Thrice-Cursed Utterance of Six, the Green Sun Prince, spoke first.

“Music is about power!,” she said. Her instrument was a hell-forged wonder named the Beast. Green fire flew from her fingertips and when she dragged them across its strings it made an evil hiss. “It’s about chaos and the fury of battle, the countdown of the final hour!”

Harlequin Who Dances on Forgotten Pyres, a Prince of the Underworld, shook his head.

“Music is about release,” he said. He strummed the strings of his soulsteel guitar and a choir of ghosts joined it’s mournful refrain. “It’s about the promise of Oblivion and escaping the torments of the god’s cruel caprice.”

Six grinned. “Well then seeing how I’m a Motonic Amplification Instrument player too, if you care to take a dare I’ll make a bet with you. You play a mean riff for a pretty boy it’s true, but I think at least the music of the Beast can lure more souls than you.”

“I have no doubt my requiems are much grander and finer than such discord,” The Harlequin said, “But so there’s no mistakes, I must first know the stakes; I won’t agree if I’ll be bored.”

“Of course the stakes are the best thing of this bet,” Six said.“The loser must defect and join the winner as a slave to play in duet.”

They sealed the deal with a handshake and a kiss, and as they went along Heaven wept a song and it went something like this:

“Heading to the North.” Run, mortals, run!
Princes of the Underworld and the Green Sun;
Iniquity and Perfidy across the snow.
Worried about frostbite? No, child, no.

The Dissonant Ballad of Green and Black

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